My Previous Works

These are the projects and assignments that display my learned skills

C++ Programs

The language that I understand best and have worked with the most, it is at the core of Ivy Tech's Computer Science program.

Web Development

These are the projects I am most proud of, which I have worked on using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as other tools.

Database Management and Design

These are files related to the development and implementation of a database that I was required to build based on a self-written business idea, as well as a few of the other programs that would alter the contents of a database.

These programs run using the batch file, you will need to change the address in the batch file to your compilers VsDevCmd.bat file if you use Visual Studio, although if you don't, you can still examine the code I've written

Java Software Development

These are programs that I created for a Java Software development course, there was no final, so I am just taking my favorite programs from the ones I produced

Papers and Outlines

While not directly related to the work I will be doing, these project papers display the written communication skills I have developed while studying computer science