My Previous Works

These are the projects and assignments that display my learned skills

C++ Programs

The language that I understand best and have worked with the most, it is at the core of Ivy Tech's Computer Science program.

While writing in C++, I learned concepts of Object-Oriented Programming and realized some of C++'s power through pointers

Link to Github: Cpp_Programs

Web Development

These are the projects I am most proud of, which I have worked on using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as other tools.

Database Management and Design

Database Management and Design taught me the basics of database design and also tested my skills using C++.

Java Software Development

These are programs that I created for a Java Software development course. These links go directly to the code.

While coding in Java, I honed some of my OOP skills and also became familiar with programming concepts like multi-threading and learned about the JavaFx framework.

Link to Github: Java-Programs

Client and Server-Side Scripting

These are web pages that I have created and modified using PHP and JavaScript. The project will not work yet because I need to reconstruct my databases from my teacher's server.